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Getting in Touch

You can email me here. Travelling as I do and often away from home, it’s great to get emails. Maybe you travel yourself and have suggestions and insights into the places you've visited? If so, let me know.And remember, it doesn't matter where you are - in Donegal, Dublin or downtown Manhattan - because with email, geography is now history.

You'll guess from all this that I travel a great deal.

Here are some of the places I've visited, in no particular order: Russia, Georgia, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Algeria, Botswana, South Africa, Sudan, Lesotho, Zimbabwe, the Eastern Caribbean including Dominica, St Kitts, Nevis, Bequai, St Vincent, Antigua and Barbuda, Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia, Tasmania (and other parts of Australia) Syria, Israel, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lebanon, Iraq,  Newfoundland, New York City, Montenegro and  Kyrghistan. ( You can find links to most of these places under Destinations.)

In October 2001, while Iraq was under threat of a bombing campaign by the US and its allies,  I travelled 700 kms overland from Damascus to Baghdad where I found life continuing as normal as possible under the circumstances. Children went to school, doctors to their hospitals, women to the souks, Muslims to their mosques, Christians to their churches. During the rush hour, the streets were jammed with big, red double decker buses. For where in the Arab world I’m going to next – or indeed to anywhere – have a look at What’s Next.

My illustrated talk, Travelling Round Syria Digressing to Baghdad, is about this journey.

If you have connections to a book club, a book shop, a library, a women's group, a walking group or a travel group, a school, an arts centre or a community centre and would like me to give an illustrated talk on any of the places listed on the website, please email me here.


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